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We believe that beautiful albums and photo-books are the best way to preserve special and unique memories. That is why we put a lot of effort into making it very easy for you to design and present the album pages to your customers. Here’s what sets our Album Design Software "RAD" apart from the competition:

RAD works on all platforms.

There is nothing to install, you are always running the latest version and we never charge any update fees! RAD is so easy to use that you can instantly start creating the layout of your albums.

Enjoy Free Album Proofing.

We know that showing the design to your clients is a very important part of the selling process. Because we only charge you for the spreads you sell, album proofing is free.

RAD makes it easy to sell more albums.

Do not ask if your clients want to order a book. Invest some minutes of your time and take their breath away:
Present a beautiful designed online version of their album instead.

Build in Cover-designer

Choose from many beautiful cover materials or upload your own cover picture and design the album cover.

Branding RAD is simple.

Upload your own custom logo image and take control of the branding of your flip books.

RAD lets you upload your own templates.

We make it super easy to design and upload your own templates. Take full control of your album layout.

Browser Compatibility

For best experience while designing your album we recommend that you run the latest version of Chrome (Windows users) or Safari (Mac users). RAD works well in all modern browsers, even on your tablet.


You decide album size and manufacturer when it is time to download or export your spreads – not in the beginning of the design process. When exporting, RAD gives you two choices: Photoshop users can download a script which generates the spreads in both JPEG and PSD format. Users without access to Photoshop can export the spreads in JPEG format on the server.

Send to print.

Sent to print: Order beautiful albums within RAD,  we make it easy to design, proof and order exclusive photo albums directly in your favourite album design software!


Uploading, designing and album proofing is always 100 % free!

No matter how many events you shoot, you will make money by implementing our album design software into your workflow! We guarantee that you cut the time spend on book-design into half by using Rapid Album Designer and we only charge you a small amount for the spreads you want to download and send to print. We never charge you for updates of the program!



Pay per Spread
  • Perfect if you want to test our service!
  • Your project will be online and editable for 6 month.
  • You pay only one Euro per spread that you actually download. Normally this will be AFTER your client has approved the layout and ordered his book, so you take no financial risk!
  • Important notice: After a project is paid you can not edit it any longer!


Money-back guarantee: If at any time you are not satisfied with Rapid Album Designer we will gladly refund your money!



1. Edit your photos

Choose the images that you’ll be presenting to the clients as book spreads. Make some essential editing in your favourite editing program.

2. Pre-design the album

This is where the magic happens. Login to your account, start a new album, upload your pictures and design an album in the onlineDesigner within minutes.

3. Proof

When you close the online editor we create a handy flip-book. Sharing is easily done with a click of your mouse. Your clients will be able to see their book layout in all its glory and leave comments directly on the spreads, regardless of what device they’re using. The proofs are fully responsive and fit perfectly on any device.



4. Adjust and Export

Now that your client has had a chance to see your pre-design, they might have a few edits and this process is literally drag and drop simple. This stage shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Once you’ve finished editing, and they’re happy with the design, it’s time to export and download the files for printing. Set size and resolution and choose between JPG´s or a “PS power script” witch will create layered PSD files and you are done!

Here is a video showing you the whole process from start to finish:



In case you experience any problems, take a look at our FAQ. If that doesn’t help, if you have ideas on how to improve our service or if you are are a album manufacturer  interested in your own “white label” version of our album design software, please contact:

Kjell  (technical questions)
Email: kjell (@)
Skype: kjell_post

Volker  (business questions)
Email: volker(@)
Skype: volkerstroehlein
Cell: +46 70 58 35 430

We are based in Sweden and will handle your questions during normal business hours.