The information on this page is mainly for our European customers looking for an alternative to the discontinued ordering system.
We put a lot of effort into making RAD the best album design program on the market. Our focus on optimising the sales process between the photographer and the end customer is what sets us apart from our competitors!  By adding  “send to print” we now combine free album-proofing and a easy ordering system to photographers who are using alternative album-design programs. We start off with the RADbase  photo-books and will soon follow up with RADpremium and RADfineart.

You can find more information about the RADbase albums here:

Ordering these albums is very simple: Check out the short video below, log in to your  account, choose the “send to print” option and order your albums. A few days later you will hold them in your hands!
The video is in Swedish for now until it is possible to order from other countries than just Sweden.
This will be possible in the beginning of 2020. Germany based photographers with an European VAT ID can also already order these books.


When you are logged in to your account you will see the Send-to-print option on the top of the page.

Just choose the album size, give your project a name and click “create”:

Upload a photo cover and your album spreads. We show you the exact dimensions in pixels for your chosen album size and strongly recommend that you only upload files matching exactly these numbers to avoid auto-resizing!

Depending on your internet connection speed and number of spreads, uploading the hi-res files can take some time.

In case your files do not match the exakt dimensions of the print files that the album manufacturer expects we display the button  “UPLOAD WARNINGS”. It is up to you to decide if you want to proceed with the ordering process – and let the system scale your files – but we advise against this option! We feel that a professional should do everything in his power to deliver perfect files to the printer. Best practice is to export your spreads again and make sure that you choose exactly the right dimensions for the cover and the spreads to avoid seeing upload warnings.

After that, you can send the album to your client for proofing or start the ordering process. We ask you to inspect your spreads carefully spread by spread before you can proceed. This is the last chance to spot any mistakes in the design before your files are send to the printer. At the moment we offer to pay with PayPal, you have the option to pay with your credit card without having to register an account with PayPal.

About 10 days later you will receive your albums. We stand behind our products and will always do our best to find a solution in case you should not be 100% satisfied with your album.