February 23, 2017 Volker Ströhlein

German Albumanufaktur in the final stages of releasing their own white label version of RAD

German album manufacturer “Albenmanufaktur” is one of the Album-company’s making it easy for their clients to design, sell and order albums.
In a few weeks the”silverbook designer” will be a part of the order process and I am sure that the combination of the design & sales tool and their beautiful range of albums will be a very successful combination!

As a active partner of this album manufacturer we are happy to give 10 wedding photographers the option to test the Silverino album with the velvet paper option. In return Albenmanufaktur will get a honest review of their product which will be published on the photographers blog.

Here are the instructions how to proceed:

Prepare about 20 album spreads in the size 7205 x 3602 pixels (sRGB) – everything between 15 and 25 spreads is fine!
Prepare a cover image 2008 × 2008 pixels for a square window or 3142 width × 3579 px height for the acrylic front plate which i recommend!

You are very welcome to try our Rapid Album designer in order to design your spreads, I will unlock your design free of charge at the end of the process!
Some simple rules to make your RAD design easy and fast: Save all the necessary pictures in ONE folder on your hard-disk, make sure they have at least 5000 pixels on the long side, and do NOT change the file-name while you are working with your design. If you do not have a RAD account you may sign up here: http://rad.pub/scripts/start.php  The FAQ section answers more questions.

Create an Albenmanufaktur account here: https://www.diealbenmanufaktur.de/customer/account/create/  and go through the order process.


You MUST choose one of the following cover material options only: matt linnen, vinylleahter, baroque style.
You MUST choose the velvet paper option!
I recommend the acrylic front plate cover option. Get used to add text like names and dates directly om the cover photo in order to avoid embossing!
The velvet paper option is great for colorful light pictures – not so very well fitted for images containing a massive amount of dark/deep blacks.

Use the code   silverinomatt   when you check out!  This offer is valid until sunday march 5.th

Please send us a link to your published review whithin 2 weeks after you receive your album. 2-3 pictures and the mentioning of the name “Silverino Album & velvet paper” is part of the deal!


Feel free to give me a call between 11.00 and 21:00 – best via skype (screensharing) or mobile phone 0705835430
My skype name is volkerstroehlein

If you have questions and think that your colleagues would also benefit from the answer put your question here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/album.design.software.RAD/